Your business, blog or ecommerce store needs an appealing and high converting web design.  Don’t get caught up in what looks pretty but remember what your website is actually for and that is to bring you customers.  Without it doing that for you all you have is an expensive piece of real estate on the internet that isn’t serving its purpose.  How do you make your website work for you?  You can use theses 5 simple tips to improve conversions.

Simple is Better

Not long ago, many websites had Flash animations and intros, today that is kryptonite for your website.  You want simple clean designs, visitors don’t appreciate noise.  Turn off videos and audio files that auto play and give them solid content that they can easily digest.

Put the Emphasis on the Mobile Experience

It’s 2017 and not only does your website have to be mobile but now you need to go one better.  Each year more and more traffic comes from mobile devices so creating a site strictly for desktop is shooting yourself in the foot.  You need a site that works on every device and make sure that all the features of your site stay intact.  Now even mobile has evolved with Google AMP.

Use These 5 Simple Tips to Improve Conversions

Stop Using Stock Photos

Stock photos are used on every other website that is exactly like yours, and you need to stand out.  The can work just fine on a blog post for example but when it comes to your “About” page then get some professional headshots done.  Real photos increase confidence in your brand and the services that you offer.  Here is why you need to stop using stock photos.

Simple Navigation is Best

Remember the “three click rule” where it shouldn’t take your visitor more than 3 clicks to find anything that they are looking for, and all of that should take less than three seconds.  Make your navigation menu as easy as possible to find things.  Too many choices are overwhelming and your content gets lost.  Clear calls to action take your visitor exactly where you want them to go, be it filling out a form, calling your business or making a purchase.

Your website is there to be a tool for your business so you need it to be a tool that works.  Optimizing for conversions ensures that you can turn the visitors that come to your site into customers.  It’s important that you lead your visitors where you want them to go.