It is important for designers to have a good batch of online tools to help complete and deliver projects faster. We have come up with a list of 7 of the most powerful and useful tools for CSS designers.  With these tools, designers can reduce the time and effort put into designing a website.


Compass runs on top of Sass and makes development a lot easier.   Frontend Sass developers trust Compass.  It is the most powerful open-source CSS authoring framework.

New developers might find some confusion about how Compass works. It runs directly through the terminal for command executing on your Sass files.  If you are familiar with Sass, you should not have any problem with Compass.


The great thing about Sylizr is that this CSS tool helps you easily design anything fast.  Therefore, it can have some serious impact on you or your company’s workflow.

Basically, your workflow becomes an easy process of clicking and coding. You can even preview changes easily before making them live.


It is pretty simple yet sleek.  Stylie is a very easy and fun CSS3 animation tool.  You can create really complex animations using this tool.  All you need to do is design the animation and grab the code.

It features a tab to remove, edit, and add keyframes as well as an easy save option.


Progressive Internet Explorer supports Internet Explorer 6-9.  It is capable of “rendering the most useful CSS3 decoration features.

It includes pretty powerful and useful features such as soft drop shadows, rounded corners, and so on.


This tool allows you to quickly create snippets and place them on your website.  It is pretty easy and intuitive.  All you need to do is select a CSS3 element, style it, and then paste it into your project.

You can easily create stunning buttons, create rounded corners, add shadow effects to any box, and several other features.

CSS Menu Maker

As the name says, make stunning menus for your site.  These menus are very intuitive and responsive.  If you prefer to work with the source codes, this site has 65+ free menu designs for download.

Simple CSS

This is a CSS authoring tool that enables you to create style sheets easily.  It is available for Mac and Windows.

Simple CSS comes as a free tool.  It is also part of a hosting package that includes hosting services such as webmail, web app installer, and a file manager.  The CSS tool is pretty easy to use and can save you time in creating style sheets.